Alumni at Cloister Inn

A Note from Brad Hart '99, Chairman, Graduate Board of Trustees
February 24, 2015

The Cloister Graduate Board of Trustees, our staff, our undergraduate officers, and our undergraduate members have been busy preparing for yet another exciting spring semester at the club.  Iím pleased to report that our membership remains strong and vibrant, as we just welcomed over 75 new members to the Cloister family.  

Our New Alumni Dues Program
As we welcome our new members of the class of 2017 to the club, we are also pleased to announce a new alumni dues program.  Alumni dues are a more effective, more streamlined, and moreover easier means of annual fundraising that will help make Cloister Inn better for both undergraduates and alumni for years to come.  This is a common system at other clubs on Prospect Avenue and is a more direct way to manage our annual dues in a similar way to your class and the University.

Pay Your Dues Now
To that end, we invite you all to go to our new Alumni Dues donation page and make your contribution. Youíll also be hearing from us by mail soon and weíll include a donation envelope, should you prefer to donate by check. We have established alumni dues at $25 through your 5th Reunion; $40 through your 15th; and then $55 annually thereafter.

Where will dues be going? 
In short, we want to better facilitate what we love about Cloister. This small annual contribution helps to sustain Cloister's future -- including massively important initiatives like club improvements and financial aid -- and as a bonus it will fund our Reunions and Homecoming alumni receptions. Both current students and alumni have an interest in maintaining 65 Prospect as a place of hospitality, learning, and friendship. To this end, the current undergraduate classes, 2015 and 2016, will be collectively pledging dues participation shortly before their respective graduations, and future classes of Cloister members will be asked to make a commitment to future dues when they join the club.

Thank You!
Lastly, we canít introduce a new system of alumni dues without thanking all of the alumni who have contributed to the club over the years and most recently at Reunions this past year. Our Reunions festivities were a record-breaker both in terms of donations and attendance, with a vastly improved experience for returning alumni and their families. Most importantly, we had great feedback on the process and heard a lot of enthusiasm about how it was easier and created a better sense of community than previous alumni fundraising efforts, so we are excited to continue this approach.

One quick note: Alumni Dues are unrestricted and hence are not tax-deductible. If you're interested in making a tax-deductible donation, those still go through the Princeton Prospect Foundation and are separate from Alumni Dues.

The Cloister Inn Board of Trustees

invited all club members for a

100th Anniversary Celebration

on Saturday, November 3, 2012
Stay tuned for pictures of the wonderful event!

Cloister Celebrates Our 100th Anniversary!

Our celebration began with Homecoming 2011, and continued at Alumni Day, Reunions, Cloister Night at the Princeton Club of New York, Cloisterfest in August, and our very special 100th Anniversary Dinner on November 3rd.

100th Anniversary Kickoff Party and Alumni Day Photos

Regional Celebrations of Cloister's 100th Anniversary

More than 25 Cloister alumni gathered on May 3rd at the Princeton Club of New York in our continuing celebration of Cloister's 100th anniversary.
On May 10th, members gathered at the Atlanta home of McCall Butler '97.

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